//Outta Here – 5 Things You Forgot to Toss

Outta Here – 5 Things You Forgot to Toss

Good news, gang.

We’re only a few days away from 2018 and bidding 2017 ADIEU.
2017 was, in many ways, a great year, and in many ways, it sucked.  I approach every new year with child-like wonder and hope.  This is going to be MY year.  To be fair, sometimes MY years kick my butt and don’t go the way I expect (man plans, God laughs).
Somehow, though, I don’t remember any of this at December’s end.  I write out my goals.  A new journal notebook is purchased.  I clean my house.  And do all my laundry and get everything dry cleaned.  I start my new year ready to kick some butt.
Our #tbt post a couple weeks ago was on becoming a minimalist.  If you go to Pinterest, you’ll find an infinite number of pins with what to get rid of and when – here’s a list of the things I find go overlooked, the things I myself have decided are outta here before 2018.


Headphones, cords, phone cases.

Because the people who make gadgets are smart and business-savvy, it’s not unusual to get a new phone and find your old chargers and headphones don’t work with your new device (I’m looking at you, Tim Cook).  Go ahead and donate them or give to your friends who haven’t upgraded yet.  While you’re at it, toss duplicate cords you don’t need.  Those phone cases for your old devices?  Out they go.


Pens are the cigarette lighters of office supplies.  You either have eight within reach, or you can’t find any and have to buy another.  We get pens at every event we attend.  How many pens do you own that work, that you enjoy using, that are stored in a place that makes sense?  Take an hour, gather up all the pens in your house, test them, toss the dried up ones, then look at what’s left.  Be realistic in how many you need, and donate the rest.

Accessories, jewelry, underwear, and/or clothes you don’t wear.

Be it they don’t fit, or they don’t go with anything else you own, or were a gift from an ex, we all have apparel we don’t wear.  Take your “trash” to Goodwill and let it become someone else’s “treasure.”   Finally, do not start a new year with underwear that doesn’t fit or has seen better days.  A good rule here is if you were in an unfortunate accident and would be embarrassed for hospital staff to see your undergarments, you need to toss it (please, though, do not donate used underwear to Goodwill or a shelter).


This is a good time to go through your make-up and toss the shades that don’t match, the mascara that’s waaaaay past its expiration date, the eyeshadow that seemed like a good idea at the time.  Clean your brushes while you’re at it!

People who treat you like crap.

This isn’t a “thing,” but its gotta go.  Whether its the friend who can no longer be called one, the partner in a relationship no longer worth saving, or the acquaintance that drives you bonkers, don’t waste your emotions or time on people who hurt you.  Forgive, forget, and move on.  And while you probably can’t part ways with a jerk boss or a cousin who you dread seeing, you CAN decide how you react.  Make a promise today that the people you can’t part ways with will NOT bring you down in 2018.  Your time and your life are too valuable to waste on people that we’re just not meant to be around.

We’re only a few days away from 2018, therefore I’ve got my own work to do in defining some goals (and boxing up some of what I mentioned above).  Join me – let’s start 2018 with high hopes and big plans and make it OUR year.
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