//NEW APP FRIDAY – Password Manager RememBear

NEW APP FRIDAY – Password Manager RememBear

Welcome to another installation of New App Fridays.  We love new apps, and we love telling you about them.  Catch-up on previous posts here.  We do not receive compensation for any of our reviews.  

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I’m starting this edition of New App Fridays with a lecture – you cannot use the same password for everything. If you do, you’re opening yourself up for EXTREME risk of being hacked across the board. Using strong, unique passwords is necessary, if not mandatory. But with everydamnthing requiring a password these days, keeping track of all those unique passwords can be a pain in the neck.

Enter password managers.

Once upon a time, I was unable to trust a password manager. The idea of storing my passwords in another person’s app made me uneasy. Truth be told, it still provokes an almost-fear of leaving myself exposed.

I got over it, mainly because I knew storing passwords on paper in my office was not secure, and if I was out of the office, useless. While Evernote allows for encryption inside notes (and as such, could serve as a password manager), it’s not ideal for quick password retrieval.

With that, I did my research on all the major password managers, their security practices, history of security breaches, user reviews, etc. I settled on one in particular, and started saving my passwords. I rest easier knowing my passwords are unique and secure.

When I use an app, though, I want to LOVE it.

If I don’t, I’m going to keep looking for something I WILL love.

In our Data Security post, we suggest using a VPN. MY VPN of choice is TunnelBear. It’s affordable, easy to use, has iOS and Mac apps, and it just works. I love TunnelBear, so I don’t look elsewhere.

An added bonus of TunnelBear is its design.

There are a few things about design (in general) we should discuss. It’s more important to me that an app or service work, work well, and is secure. Too many apps or services tend to discount the essentiality of design. Design can be overlooked by many business owners in our necessary rushes to “get it done.” To me, when something is well-designed, it proves the creator took their time and crafted a final product they can be proud of.

My password manager of choice worked well, it was secure, and it was affordable. The design, however, left something to be desired.

So when TunnelBear announced via this blog post the beta release of RememBear, their new password manager, I met the news with glee.

While I rarely download a beta version (they can be buggy, screw up other apps, wreck havoc, and other unpleasant nonsense), I felt comfortable downloading this beta for two reasons – one, I really, really wanted a new password manager, and two, I trust TunnelBear.

For a beta version, I have to give RememBear props.

I’ve downloaded the app on my Mac and iPhone, and have yet to encounter any problems I often find in beta versions.


  • Cost – Since the app is in beta, it’s free. We don’t yet know when RememBear will implement a pricing structure, if it will be a freemium service, or paid-only. This is not terribly worrisome to me, given that the company’s VPN service is affordable.
  • Design – As with TunnelBear, RememBear has a well-designed interface. It’s clean, simple, and well, its cute. I don’t generally include “cute” in my app evaluations, but there it is.
  • Ease of use – After all my research and testing of other password managers, RememBear is the easiest to use, bar none. There aren’t yet 800 other features to navigate, it doesn’t have a gazillion options with each login, its straightforward. For me, I want to save my username and passwords. I don’t necessarily need special folders or password re-prompts.


  • Again, RememBear is easy to use…HOWEVER, copying a password isn’t quite as easy as other apps, in that you have to open the login and tap the password, then “copy.” I hope the developers will add a feature where simply tapping on the entry will copy the password.
  • There is not a Safari extension (yet! The developers say this is on the way). The Google Chrome extension works well, so I have high hopes for the browser extensions.
  • RememBear allows you to store logins and credit cards. Most other password managers allow for storage of notes, bank account numbers.  For now, RememBear is limited in comparison.

So, while RememBear isn’t perfect, it’s important to remember it’s still in beta.

I’m confident it will expand to include a whole host of features while maintaining it’s easy to use interface, design aesthetics, and cost-effectiveness.

You can check out RememBear (and TunnelBear, while you’re at it). And, since this is my last post for 2017, I wish you well. 2018 is almost here, y’all, and right on time. We’ll be back next week/year with quite a few plans I can’t wait to share. Happy New Year!

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