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Founded in 2017 by Emily Hoapili, Echo Blue Innovations believes in the power of the individual and contributes to blueprints to success for business owners, entrepreneurs, public figures, non-profits, and executives.  We serve in roles to parallel individuals and assist our clients in “echoing” their visions into actionable plans. We rely on our expertise, proven success in project management, our reputation, and passion for community to serve our clients in ways that suit their individual styles.

How We’re Different

We have a reputation of excellence with all of our services.  We work to be trustworthy, effective, and good ambassadors of your brand.

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Your secrets are safe with us.  We go above and beyond protecting your data, staying up to date on trends and threats, and working with you to implement security procedures.


Project management is at the heart of our operations – we excel at designing effective systems based on your needs and habits.  Whether its organizing and analyzing data, performing talent searches, or creating websites or materials, we focus on outcomes and presentation.


We don’t take our roles with you lightly.  When we work with your clients, partners, and staff, we represent your brand as though it were our very own.  Your reputation is safe with us.

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In addition to our client work, we also look for ways to share our expertise and ideas with others.  Whether it’s getting your business organized and up to speed or just getting your closet organized, we’ve got your back to help you manage ALL the areas of your life.

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Meet Our President

Emily Hoapili
Emily HoapiliPresident
Emily started her career in 2006 in a non-sworn role with a campus police department. During her tenure with the department, Emily overhauled the reporting system, moving the division to an online-based system and designing and implementing a database for analysis and tracking. She managed a staff of nearly 200 college students, overseeing hiring, training, disciplinary measures, staff development, and more. She worked to develop and implement staff policies and emergency response procedures. As a liaison between her department and the University’s housing division, Emily assisted with police investigations, responded to high-stress emergency situations in residence halls, and interacted with staff, students, parents, faculty, and visitors.

In 2011, Emily moved to the non-profit arena, managing a 20 bed emergency shelter for women and children experiencing trauma due to domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and homelessness. As a supervisor, Emily was tasked with managing a 24/7 full and part-time shelter staff, evaluating requests for shelter, and providing crisis intervention and conflict mediation for shelter residents. Emily served as case manager for the children in the program, requiring close relationships with community partners. Relying on her experience working with the police department, Emily worked with clients in crafting safety plans, re-vamping security response procedures, and designing and installing a new security system.

Emily took her talents to the corporate sector in 2014 as a commercial property manager. She managed over a million square feet of grocery-anchored, necessity based retail establishments, requiring she establish and maintain relationships with corporate and small shop tenants and service providers. She oversaw projects at each center, across multiple states, including securing of bids, cost negotiations, contract draft and execution, and payment.

Emily’s superb project management, organizational, and liaison skills led her to start Echo Blue Innovations in 2017. After working with many small business owners struggling to fulfill services and perform regular business tasks, she saw an opportunity for project management and other services to help fill the gap for businesses. Her varied background in public safety, non-profit, and the corporate worlds allow her to evaluate each project thoroughly – from data security to cost-effective technology, Emily is able to meet every client’s demands for excellence. Her background in liaison roles allows her to be an effective representative for others.

Emily borrows her personal philosophy from Maya Angelou: “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.”