• Check your email

  • Work as your scheduler

  • Remind you when you need to complete certain tasks

  • Handle travel planning & details

  • Work on a variety of projects

Executive Assistance

Full-time virtual help.  A temporary pair of hands for an overworked assistant.  Someone to cover some of the details a few hours a week.  We cover it all. Our executive assistant services include calendar and email management, general administrative tasks, and keeping you accountable.

Advance Teams

Advance teams are better known in the political sphere, but we believe anyone in the public eye could use one (but we work for campaigns, too!).  Advance teams are described in the name – advance.  You tell us what you want, and we make it happen, in advance.

  • Attend events on your behalf

  • Setting up the space

  • Advocate for your needs

  • Act as your “handler”

  • Create presentation materials

  • Provide tech and timing support at events

  • Handle all event planning for retreats, annual meetings, mixers, and more

  • Perform media audits (detailed searches and status reports of current media channels)

  • Conduct user testing (evaluation of website and apps to identify formatting concerns, broken links, typos, and usability)

  • Be a “secret shopper” (pose as potential customers to gauge how your customer service is working)

  • Create dissemination materials (presentations, press releases, handouts, flyers, etc)

  • Provide feedback (writing or polishing speeches, serving as test audience, craft messaging)

  • Maintain blogs (write, edit, post blog entries)

  • Generate media kits and style guides

  • Check out the competition – we can perform market research, evaluate your competitors and how they stack up against you, and explore potential new sales avenues

Measure Your Messaging

Is your message strong?  Is it consistent? We like to go past “public relations” and into the analysis and polishing arena.


If you’re a business, or you’re just busy, you need us.

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