Showing Gratitude


A How-To Guide to Setting Up a Thank You System Growing up, sending a thank you card was a rule that was strictly enforced.  I wasn’t allowed to play with toys or spend birthday money or gift cards until thank you cards had been written and presented for approval and mailing. It stuck.  Even now, if I send a gift or donation and don’t receive a thank you of some sort, I’m irritated. Luckily, thank you cards are simple and take a minute to do; if you’re not in the habit of sending [...]

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Prioritizing Tasks, Presidential Style


A How-To Guide Most of us know Eisenhower as President Eisenhower, but before he had that gig, he was the first Supreme Allied Commander in Europe and the Army's Chief of Staff, and a major general in World War II. As you can imagine, those jobs came with pretty steep to do lists, and Eisenhower had to figure out a way to figure out what needed his attention and what didn’t, and he came up with the Eisenhower principle/matrix. The basics of the Eisenhower Matrix is fairly simple. Every task you have gets [...]

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